Applying for a prórroga in the time of Covid-19

I was one of the lucky auxiliares that got their student visas extended by 6 months when Corona got really intense here in Spain. I had made the plan to stay over summer and just ride out the quarantine in Spain anyway, so it was pretty sweet that I didn’t have to worry about running around trying to figure out how to get to Sevilla to apply for extensions and all that during the thick of quarantine.

Another wonderful little happenstance was that I was assigned a different region when I applied for the 2nd year of the program, so I had to worry about doing all of the running around in a completely new region and city.

My program coordinator at the school I was assigned to last year was kind enough to ask me about where I was in the process and what was going on with me over the quarantine. I told her that I was given a different region and asked her about the renewal of the visa and how to go about the prórroga in general. She sent me an email after a few days after having talked to the program director of the ayuntamiento and explained that there were two ways to apply for the prorroga: The first being online, and the second being the same way as always but with extra steps since they can’t exactly have a long line outside the offices, so you’d have to get an appointment and do everything in person.

NOW, a lot of my friends were saying that it wasn’t hard to do in person and they got a lot of stuff done as soon as the offices opened back up to appointments after the worst of the quarantine, which is all well and good for them. However, being that I was in my tiny town and it was a huge hassle to get to Sevilla, I figured I’d wait it out and research doing everything online.

Turns out, the online form to renew is not that difficult, really, it’s the normal form, but you need to have a digital certificate in order to do anything online. I’m not going to lie, that really made me feel a bit overwhelmed.

At this point, I had moved (that’s a whole other story for another time) and I was home alone trying to deal with everything that I figured I should be doing, despite being very very unmotivated. Look, quarantine hits us all differently and it hit me with the netflix and apathy really hard.

SO, I gathered up all the crumbs of motivation I could muster and did a quick “how to get your digital certificate in Spain” search, found a few different outdated blog posts and some links from them and sites in general. I finally found the site called CERES that you actually have to use to apply for the number code in order to start the process.

So, first you go to that site and click the big square button that says “obtenga/ renueve su certificado digital” which takes you to the certificados page. Now, as I wasn’t representing anyone but myself, I clicked “Persona Física” and under the title called “¿Cómo puedo obtener el Certificado?” I clicked on “obtener certificado software“.

Now, this page is the easiest page to navigate, it has 5 steps and it was pretty easy to do most of them. First you install a software on your computer that just makes it so that you can install the digital certificate automatically once you get that in your email as the last step.

Second step is to basically ASK to get your digital certificate, and they’ll email you with a kind of confirmation number that you should print and take with you once you make an appointment at your nearest oficina de registro .

The actually getting an appointment was kind of a hassle because of Covid, so I walked to the office that was closest to me to see how to get an appointment, I was handed a slip of paper that had a website that I had to go to to make an appointment and my appointment was set at 8:10am on the next Monday, so I only had to wait like 3 days to walk in, check in with the security guard, then get called into an office, show my passport and TIE to the guy behind the plexiglass. He asked for my address and email and just made sure all the information he had typed from my passport and TIE was correct, and that was it. I had the email with my digital certificate before I had even left the building.

Once I got home I downloaded the certificate from my email and ran that program to install it (mind you, you have to use either firefox or Internet Explorer, so just keep a note of that because you’ll have to use those browsers when you want to actually USE your digital certificate).

Once that was installed, I went straight to the online form to ask for the Prorroga that I linked earlier, but screw it, here it is again!

I can tell you that I had already paid my TASA in person, but now that you have your digital certificate, you can actually do it online from that Prorroga page where it says “enlace las tasas” . Pick the right one for you, and bam, pay online.

Anyway, I filled out my Prorroga pretty easily since it was just a renewal and I attached my carta de nombramiento, my passport scan, and my tasas.

Now I just have to wait for an email or check online for my status because, YOU CAN DO THAT if you apply online with a digital certificate. It’s amazing. I can’t stress enough how much of a game changer this certificate is!

Alright, I’ll update when I actually do the next steps, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me about them! I’ll try my best to help out!

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