Things I’ve learned about myself while in quarantine

1. I absolutely CAN live on beans and rice.

I grew up on those as basically the staples of my nutrition and it’s still the tried and true go-to for me. There was a long time when I was on my own that I didn’t have time for making food, and when I did I went all out and wanted to make fancy stuff, but when I found out I was going to be going into quarantine for an indefinate amount of time, I evaluated what food I already had in stock and found that I was already prepared for an apocalypse because there was a shortage of pinto beans at my regular store and when I found them again I bought a ton, very good timing to myself!

2. I will seek out the most random people from my past to catch up with.

My sisters ex-guitarist from a band she was briefly in during her highschool years, specifically. That is probably the MOST random person that I got into contact with again. We’ve followed each other since the band days on social media, but actually talking is SO RARE because we only talk when we want to reminisce about people from back in those days. This time we talked daily for over a month and played video games with and like opened up about life and stuff that honestly I can’t recall doing before. Since then we’re back on casual terms, but he’s definitely in the advice rotation now, I feel like I know him on a completely different level now. We’re not as superficial anymore, it’s great!

3. I do the darnest things when I’m bored.

My guitalele teacher/friend didn’t tell us he was leaving beforehand and just kind of updated our group chat with “oh, by the way, I’m home already”, so that was surprising. I kept up with learning some songs by myself and I texted him when I needed a big question answered, but then I saw an ad on Instagram and ended up buying a kalimba super late one night. I was so convinced that was going to be my new venture, but LUCKILY it didn’t come in, and I got reembursed. I’m about to move, why would I need MORE shit to haul with me. It was also the time of the quarantine that I digitized all my notes from my lessons with said teacher/friend. During this time, I was also helping ex-guitarist friend from previous number, with some of his music that he was writing and I was going all in with making lyrics and trying to help him put them to his music. We talked about starting a podcast but he’s as flighty with projects as I am with instruments, I guess. STILL WAITING, MIKE…

4. My anxiety will make me a little… shall we say… anxious?

My landlady had me paying rent through bank transfer so we didn’t have to worry about outside contact, but in a text message, she offhandedly mentioned that she was going to come into the place and clean and try to repaint immediately after I left, which was fine, as I know she has people coming in to stay the weekend like within 2 days of me leaving. HOWEVER, it started my brain thinking about how long I had left to leave and I didn’t know where my next placement was going to be, so I my brain started to pack. I freaked out because I didn’t have luggage after getting rid of my luggage that I got here with. I started pruning my wardrobe and soon i’ll have some actual minimalism content, I promise.

5. I have the best friends.

During the manic month that was April, (reminder, I started quarantine on March 13th here in my town in Spain) I decided that maybe I should play some World of Warcraft again and just see if that would help me with all the free time I had since my online students were dwindling and my IRL students were also quarantined and my teachers weren’t utilizing me fully. I started playing retail and it was glorious, but lonely. I started getting more and more into it and I really just wanted to play classic. I kept talking about it with friends online and from home and I somehow got enough people to sign up that I made a guild on my classic server. Now we have a discord and everything and honestly its something I’m so proud of, I love my friends. They all were hesitant at first and here I am, running dungeons pretty regularly with people I don’t mind to spend hours in calls with.

There are a LOT of things I’ve left out about going through quarantine alone and in SPAIN during all of this. Completely isolated and away from family and loved ones. That’s a whole other post, I hope to remember to make. It really has been beautiful here.

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