Dealing with Life in Spain before the virus

Guys, I tried. My last post on this blog was in November and I swear I have a ton of drafts and finished posts that I just COULDN’T get myself to post. It was like I was stuck, despite everything technically being FINE.

December was a month where I finally started to feel homesick, mostly because there were no buñuelos and tamales here in Spain. I got into learning the guitalele because there was an instrument sale at costco and I couldn’t decide between learning guitar (for real this time) or ukulele (not on my own), as one of the other auxiliares in my area is a guitar teacher and he could teach me both. Instead I decided not to decide and got a guitalele after finding out they even existed and instead I challenged my teacher (SORRY DYL!).

January was a good month, everything started to feel pretty normal again, I was comfortable with my schedule of my AUX duties and teaching online. There was balance, and my personal life was starting to balance out, as well. I was hanging out more and more with my one local friend here in my small town and we are basically inseperable at that time. I met some new people in Sevilla and currently have a tentative hangout date .

February was odd because valentines is KINDA celebrated the same, and one of my unposted posts was all about it, but don’t worry, I’ll get that up soon. I have to brave all my unpublished posts and start cleaning them up for you.


I was, at this point, SO ready for March and April, as we had some portugal trips that were supposed to happen in Feb that fell through, and we were trying to reschedule them for March. The teacher and student protest days happened around this time and the days I was going in to work was really sporadic since one of my teachers was taking paternal leave and the other was on bed rest because he sprained his knee, so I only had to show up for P.E classes and they were doing projects and didn’t need me much.

Then on the 13th of March, I was at school and the teachers were talking about the possibility of the school being closed for two weeks, and although I knew about the virus going around vaguely, I don’t really watch the news and everything I was getting was through snippets of the headlines.

Suffice to say, I said bye to my class on Friday and found out that we were definitely closing for 2 weeks on Saturday. So, considering that was over two months ago now, we can officially say it was worse than anyone imagined and the measures taken to ensure we were safe was honestly quite swift for us in this town.

I’ll make a post about all the things that I’ve experienced while in quarantine, but for now, just know that I have renewed and I changed region and it’s definitely going to be a whole journey.

Please stay tuned!

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