How I Missed A Bus And Met A Murderer

This week I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and really try to make myself have new experiences and talk to new people while here in Spain.

Considering how small the town I live in is, its a miracle I’ve even gone out the one time I did, although it ended pretty crappily.

Lucky for me, I have an awesome bunch of Auxiliares that work in my town (although i’m the only one that actually lives in town) and we have our sub group on Whatsapp in order to get ideas and meet up for recreos.

Just this past week, I was able to go into town twice for hanging out and i must say, it was definitely needed. This last time that I went is the night this event takes place, so Sunday.


We (in the town group) decided to get together in town on Sunday, just to kind of meet up and have a coffee. They had wanted to meet up at 3 and unfortunately for me, I was teaching my online classes until 2, and the only bus that runs into town on Sundays didn’t have a route until 3, so off the bat, I already knew I was going to be late.

I managed to catch the bus and sat next to a few nice old ladies. I was honestly surprised that I gave the bus driver 4 euro and he gave me change, wild. It took about 45 minutes to get to the last stop and I was suddenly in a part of Seville that I had never really been to. I had to walk to the cafe and that took about 15 minutes, but I was so engrossed in trying to find the name of the place to put into my google maps that I didn’t really look around at where I was so that I could remember again to catch the bus from there.

Spoiler, but thats important.

I found the cafe, it was technically closed, but they let you finish and its not a rushing you out atmosphere like you might find in the states. It’s nice!

I met three new people at this meet up, as a few of the town auxes brought some besties. We decided to head to a bar a few streets away and the group slowly started losing a few bodies.

After a spilled drink and a wet knee, we headed out and decided to go back to one of the auxes places and continue the get-together. We were able to get there and there was some more drinks and some really good postmodern jukebox style guitar songs.

I had set my alarm on my phone to remind me to leave so I could get the last bus back to my tiny town. I took off and had a 30 minute walk to the street I was left on earlier in the day. I felt like I was in a maze, because the tiny spanish streets are hard to track without GPS.

I eventually got to the street from whence I originated after the bus trip and then I realized that although I remembered vaguely what building I was dropped off in front of, it was not an official bus stop and thus, I was lost.

I walked back and forth on that street looking at every single sign looking for the bus number to show that that was a place that the bus would pick-up from that spot… but nothing was seen on that side of the street. I asked about 4 people about the stop, including actual bus drivers dropping off in that area, but no one really knew where it would pick up.

At this point I had about ten minutes left before the bus was supposed to leave from the stop. I take one last lap around asking people and nothing, on the trip back to where I started, thinking I would just cross the street and finally look on the other side of the road, I saw a random dude standing on the sidewalk with a plastic back of belongings.

He said hi to me (in spanish, of course) and I simply acknowledged his existence and suddenly he started talking about how he had just got out of prison.

He went on this story about how he had gotten twenty years for murdering his girlfriend, and proceeded to tell me how that went down.

For those curious, apparently he had a whole kilo of cocaine and he was on his way out after doing a bit. His girlfriend wanted some so he told her to go ahead, but to not let anyone into the apartment while he was gone. The middle was vague and indiscernible as the dude was slurring his spanish, and Andalusian spanish is hard enough without that added hurdle of slurred speech. So something or other happens, he comes back home and finds that half of his kilo was gone, and he confronted his girlfriend. Now either he caught her with another dude doing the cocaine, or it was just missing and she said she had sold it or given it away, but either way he just fucking clocked her, then he couldn’t stop and he ended up strangling her in his apartment.

As his story wound down to that point, I was cutting it close to my bus leaving time, so I asked him straight up if he knew where the bus took off from, and this guy was SO HELPFUL, he told me to look across the street and that there was a sign next to an advertisement sign close to the hospital. I ran over and thanked him as I left.

He was right! I found the bus stop!

Unfortunately for me, the bus never came, despite the website times, the sign had a different time table and it was like an hour before I had arrived on the street. I called the number for information and they told me that the bus might be late, but after waiting a whole extra 30 minutes, I gave up and just got an uber back to the apartment of the aux that had the get-together.

Luckily, I had stayed the night before and I wasn’t the only one having to spend the night again. Super nice guy, honestly.

So yeah, thats the story about how I somehow missed the last bus home and met a very helpful murderer.

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