Unwelcome Flirting/ Advances in Spain

I was going to go straight into my first week in Spain and what I did when I landed, but at this point, I’ve been here a month and more important stuff has happened.

Although I’ve been working at my assigned school for a month already, I was only finally able to go out with some of the teachers at my school last Friday. I was invited by one of the teachers I work directly with, and he invited two of the other teachers at the school that aren’t in the bilingual program, thus I don’t work with them.

We went to a few places in the town that the school is in (although not all of the teachers live here in the town). We started at this pretty central restaurant, first time I had some tapas and omg they were delicious.

The other teachers were drinking beers (Cruzcampo seems to be the staple in the town, idk if it is for all of the region or even Spain) and eventually we switched to mixed drinks. The other female teacher was the first to leave, as her parents were coming to visit her and she had to get home before they arrived, So it was just me and my two male colleagues.

I’m not scared of being the only female of a group and since it was colleagues I thought nothing of it, I was always one to keep it “professional” even if we are out for drinks and showing our actual human sides outside of work. We went to a tiny bar down the road and closer to the school and spent a few other hours there talking about the history of Seville and the town itself. It was super interesting from all that I could follow.

My spanish isn’t native, but i’m pretty fluent. I just have Mexican origins and slang in my Spanish, so its pretty evident when I’m talking. The spanish in this region is also just SUPER fast and there are dropped syllables in some words and pronunciations of certain letters next to each other is also different, so yeah, it was hard, but I followed a lot of it.

At this second place, the teacher that invited me was the next one to leave as he was one that wasn’t from the town and he didn’t want to get back to the city at midnight, so he headed out. I was going to head out as well, but the other teacher that I was left with was nice and he suggested we go back to the first restaurant and finish another drink before calling it a night. I was okay with that as I wanted to see what the menu looked like so I could order some of the tapas we had had earlier when I visited on my own at some point.

We went back, got another drink, and we were there talking. This particular teacher is from the town, so he knew everyone that was walking in and he was introducing me to everyone. It was really cool to finally get to talk to the people that lived here and even a few of my students saw me and said hi to me and I got to see their parents. One of the last people that he introduced me to asked for my number because he said he had a better place than whatever I was renting at the moment (lol).

After that guy, however, the teacher I was with got kinda weird and like walked me out of the bar and towards my place, as its like right down the street, not even half a block away. I was like yeah okay, thinking nothing of it. At my door, he asked if he could have a drink of water… this is where shit gets shady.

I thought it was just water. Like, I said, even if I am out partying with my co-workers, its platonic as FUCK. But this dude comes up to my place, because I’m naive as fuck and I legit thought it was just for water.

I fucking gave him water, wtf else was I going to do, its a tiny flat, its not like I have to give him a tour. So I give him water and he is drinking it standing a bit too close, but thats a spanish thing, the personal bubble is so much smaller in general, so I thought nothing of it…again. Then…

UGH then this bitch just fucking slams his face into mine and starts trying to make out.

I freaked out internally, but externally I just pushed him away and said (in spanish) “ I’m married, I have a husband, I’m not doing this with you or anyone, no get away” and he had the FUCKING GALL to say (again, in spanish) “well, he’s not here” and bruh…

The absolute rage I felt.

I told him to leave and unfortunately for me, I couldn’t just let him out of the actual apartment door because I had to let him out of the door to the street because I have to keep that locked and closed as per the landlords request, so TWO DOORS later, he left and I honestly felt so gross.

I called my husband immediately afterwards and was so like shocked and angry and grossed out I just started crying for like 5 min. He consoled me and all that, and the next day I told the teacher that invited me about what happened because well, they don’t really know each other that well that he could’ve guessed the guys character.

Long story, but here in Spain the teachers kinda move around every year depending on like a point system that ranks teachers and locations, its complicated, but the teachers don’t know each others any better than they know the auxiliares for most of them.

Ugh idk I just needed to get that out. I didn’t have to see the stupid man until Wednesday and he came up to me to talk about the text I sent him on Saturday because he had the nerve to text me that he “had so much fun”…bitch. I told him that I had fun too…up until he completely disrespected me and face smashed into my head.

Ugh fuck that guy, even if I don’t report him or anything, I legit will never drink around him again nor will I be the last to leave ever again. I feel stupid for giving dudes the benefit of the doubt here in Spain, but well… back to having my guard up around males globally :(.

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