Doctors Appointments Galore

22 July 2019

I’ve had 6 doctors appointments since I started my Visa process.

That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

To be fair, I had a good amount before with some specialists when I was getting my gallbladder out.

This Visa process needs a sign off from a doctor explicitly saying that you aren’t contagious and aren’t going to give everyone malaria and smallpox where you’re going when you head out overseas for a long period of time. I was lucky that I could get some of my old vaccination records by calling my old high school warehouse and having them email me my records. A lot of which I would much rather burn, but alas, it was helpful this particular time.

Today was one of my last medical appointments, or so I thought, as I just got a bunch of other labs and collections I have to do now before I leave. She wanted to see me again in 3 months, which sounds fine and dandy, except that I’ll already be in Spain by then, so I moved it up to September, so now I have to do all these lab tests during my next period (she asked specifically on like the 3rd day of periodness). I have to do 24-hour urine collections for TWO WHOLE DAYS, luckily they don’t have to be sequential, but I also have to do three different 11pm mouth swabs and those do have to be sequential. I have to call my normal doctor tomorrow to see if I can even get all that stuff from her office since I usually do blood tests there, but seeing as I need like two different buckets and weird sponge things, I don’t see this ending up super great and I might have to make a trip out to Memorial Hermann or something.

Now the real question…

So, What’s Wrong With You?

No one actually knows! We got my medical release but the doctor insisted on inserting that “yeah she’s not contagious but she’s fat and has high cholesterol” (but in doctor speak). I told her they didn’t ask what I do have for the release, just making sure I DON’T have whatever contagious diseases they mentioned in the paper, but whatever, it was already signed, and its not like i’m not fat and cholesterolic, so fine. I just took it and was referred to the endocrinologist because after all the questions, it seems like I should be losing weight, I’m just not.

It’s been super frustrating and has led me to a few cheat meals since “eh, i’m just going to gain it anyway, might as well enjoy it”. It’s a bad attitude, I know, but sometimes it’s the only thing that makes the day okay. Most of the time I can limit it to a snack or a meal, but I try really hard not to let it be a whole day. This isn’t my diet blog, however, so I’ll just limit it to that.

Anyway, I hope all is well. I officially was told I don’t have breast cancer or lymph node problems right now, so that’s one prospect out of the way.

I’ve got my second pelvic ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound in 2 years coming up next week to ease these doctors from the PCOS diagnosis. I was supposedly clear of polyps last year (military doctors though, and there was no real lab results, just a note to tell me (”the patient”) that I was fine. This year I hope I get to see the pictures or something more concrete, because seriously, its been 5 years dealing with this crap and everyone just keeps saying it’s probably PCOS and then tests and nothing and then they just send me to someone else.

Like, at this point, just take out my damn uterus and i’ll be happy with losing those, what, .5 pounds? I’ll take it.

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