Moving to Spain

Applying last minute

So I heard about the Auxiliar program when I was looking for a school I might want to attend in Germany. I had been wanting to go back to school and thats it (!), I haven’t figured out if I want to continue my degree or get a new bachelors. I was looking around, mainly in northern Germany, just looking at different degrees that pertained to communication disorders or linguistics. I also looked at literature degrees, but honestly I haven’t had any inspiration lately, so I don’t know what to do with this degree right now, besides teaching ESL, which I already do remotely.

As I was googling before bed one night, I found that the Spanish government itself sponsors people to go to Spain and help students with conversations with native English speakers. Not to mention, It’s only about 12 hours a week, as far as I’ve been told (some locations get up to 18 hours a week). I looked at the requirements and found out that the application was opening two days from when I read about it. I was so excited and I noticed that I had all my documents ready to go!

Well, almost everything. I needed a letter of recommendation. It’s been over ten years since I’ve graduated high school, and seven years since I graduated from University. What professor would even remember me?

It needed some finessing, but I got it done. I found someone to write me a recommendation letter and I submitted my application and then I had to wait until May to find out if I got in. Then they posted that the people that got accepted would find out in June instead… IT WAS SO EXCRUCIATING.

Finally, I got my email saying I had a tentative spot and it was finally time to get my appointments in order for my visit to the Spanish consulate.

Doctors and Road Trips

I needed a doctors clearance to get my Visa, as well as a background check and a few different clearances which I got all done pretty quickly. My doctors clearance took the longest all because my insurance couldn’t tell me what doctor to see in my area. That was a headache, but now I have a doctor and I have a ton of appointments because I’m finally getting all the little webmd hypochondria induced issues looked into.

I needed to get an apostille for my background check once I got it, and that could’ve happened through the mail, but honestly Austin is a 2.5 hour drive from Houston, so I just made a road trip of it. It literally took 15 minutes once we got to the office, so it was a 5 hour round trip for a 15 minute office visit.

I’m now ready to go to my visa appointment, though now I have to wait until almost the last week of August for that. I decided since i’ll be visiting my family and such, I looked into Global Entry and have that appointment coming up, as well as an appointment with the vet to get my cat his internation travel certificate so Bandit can come with me to Spain.

Welp, That’s everything so far, I think all these upcoming doctors appointments will be my next topic, because man, I have something to say.


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